Nokia 3510 Xpress-on Gaming Covers

02 October 2002
Written By Kinny Cheng

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Sales package (should contain):
  • 1 x Nokia 3510 Xpress-on front & back gaming cover (Game Blue / Game Red)
  • 1 x headset pouch with built-in belt clip
The 3510 Xpress-on Gaming Covers arenít just another set of covers for the typical Nokia phone. What I am reviewing here is probably one of the first phone covers ever released for a mobile phone that is designed especially for the purpose of gaming. Not to say that games on a typical mobile phone are all that fantastic, but they do sometimes help in killing time - whether itís on the way to/from work, or whilst waiting for someone who is running late!


The gaming covers come in two flavours (blue and red). Both front and back covers are somewhat translucent, but are not similar to those used on either 3610 or 8310 covers where it allows the backlighting through. The coversí skeleton uses a white colour, which is visible on both left and right hand sides of the phone.

Next is the radical keypad design for this cover. You will notice that there are not 12 buttons for the numeric keypad - but more like one big one and eight other little ones. Buttons 1, 2, 3 and 5 are used as left, up, right and down directional keys respectively. The 6 and 9 ďactionĒ buttons, having orange and cyan backings respectively, are used for different applications depending on the game being played. All other numeric and navigational keys remain pretty much the same.

On first glance, I found the coverís looks to be quite different than of other Xpress-on covers that Iíve come across previously. This was mainly because of the different keypad design. As I liked the colour and material used for the covers, it definitely beats the 3510ís standard in-box covers, which I still do not like.


One must keep in mind that this type of Xpress-on cover is primarily designed to enrich the gaming experience, and not just for the good looks. If youíre thinking of getting the cover not because you want to play games with a bit more ease, you should just consider getting the other covers that are available for the 3510.

There are five games available on the 3510, with 4 out of the 5 games having the ability to utilise this different keypad design to simplify overall gaming control. The directional set of buttons would be of the most benefit for games such as Space Impact II and Kart Racing, which requires navigational control in either two or four directions.

For general use, the gaming covers arenít all that practical. Using the 1-2-3-5 keys will probably be the biggest challenge. Trying to type individual numbers with these four keys isnít as easy as the other standard buttons on the keypad - as 1-2-3-5 is just one button with four different areas where you can depress to get the one-button output.

3510 Original keypad

3510 Gaming keypad

Trying to type messages quickly using this keypad is a definite no-no. Firstly, the directional set of keys makes differentiating the individual buttons for the text input more difficult. Secondly, the tactility of the gaming keypad (compared to the original 3510 in-box one) seems to be reduced because of the different type of material used for the keypad itself. Last of all, the original 3510 keypad is slightly more raised from the cover than that of the one used on the gaming cover.

Something about the gaming keypad that I thought could have made it slightly better was a consistency in the material used for all the keys. For the special keys (the 1-2-3-5 directional keys, and the 6-9 ďactionĒ buttons), a clear material is used (to show the different colours and arrow directions). A more rubbery material is utilised for the remaining buttons which do not require any printing beneath each actual button.

Although you may not feel the difference when you press each individual button on the keypad, either sliding your thumbs across or just simply looking at the whole keypad will make you think otherwise. Probably using the clear material for all the keys would make it look and feel much better!

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